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ultrasonic-sensors-PS0-1040ROpen Structure Ultrasonic sensor

As the figure of ultrasonic sensor, a compound oscillator is fixed on the base flexibly. The compound oscillator is a conjunct object that is made from cone, piezoceramics and a metal plate. The oscillate looks as a loudspeaker, it can radiate ultrasonic wave that the compound oscillator vibrates to produce effectively, and can get ultrasonic wave in the center of the oscillator together effectively. The follow is the sketch map Of Open StructureUltrasonic sensor.
Open Structure Ultrasonic sensor Features:
1. compact and light weight
2. high sensitivity and sound pressure
3. less power consumption
4. high reliability
Application: Burglar alarms, Range finders, Automatic doors and so on. Piezoelectric micropump PDFPS-40khz

Type PSO-1640T-02 (ultrasonic sensors)
Construction Open Struct.
Using method Transmitter
Nominal frequency 40K
Sound Pressure Lever Min.110dB(effective value 10V/30cm)
Sensitivity ----
Beam pattern 50deg
Capacitance 2000±25% PF (at 1KHz)  
Operating Temperature -30…+85℃
Storage Temperature -30…+85℃
Housing Material  Aluminum Aluminium










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