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Ultrasonic Cleaning transducers
Ultrasonic cleaning transducer can transform high-frequency electrical signals into ultrasonic energy and transfer the energy into the container. The water molecules will be excited to vibrate in a high-frequency and micro-jet also will come into being, thus realizing the non-contact cleaning.
Ultrasonic cleaning transducer is high mechanical quality Extended using temperature Lower resonant impedance.
We can design all Ultrasonic cleaning transducer for you .include all resonant frequency.

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Piezoelectric feeder has some significant features:
1.It is not necessary to adjust the spring.It is not necessary to adjust the resonance spring after assembly and switch the frequency between 50Hz and 60Hz according to the region of use.Many years of trouble-free operation can be ensured by simply setting the controller frequency.
2.No magnetic effect on workpiece.There is no magnetic effect on small or magnetic workpieces from the feeder and trouble-free tooling is ensured.
3.Suitable for processing thin, small workpieces A directly driven spring with a higher oscillation factor permits the feeding of small and thin items without any jiggling.
4.A significant energy-saving effect.Piezo Feeder allows a 70% or more redution in power consumption than electromagnetic feeders.
5.Can be used with 100/200V power sources.The use of a dedicated controller allows operation with either 100 or 200V power sources. Our products guarantee a consistent and accurate.our products guarantee a consistent and accurate flow of commponents into your production line and ensure low maintenance all the time.



After decades years of reseach and development in piezoelectric field, we have also entered the piezoelectric application in knitting textile machinery parts area. We have successfully broken the Karl Mayer's dominance in warp knitting machinery pieoelectric jacquard comb products#E4, E8, E12, E22 line according to Karl Mayer machine code K2, K3.... Our Karl Mayer compatible piezoelectric jacquard bar has been widely accepted by the market since we started the products sale in market from 2008. Above progress is based on our years development in wac data 3700/3800 system piezoelectric spare parts reaseachand good market performance. Our wac data spare parts includes piezoelectric ceramics plates , lonati matrix drum board, piezoelectric actuator ...